Prodigy by Marie Lu

“Day, the boy from the streets with nothing except the clothes on his back and the earnestness in his eyes, owns my heart. He is beauty, inside and out. He is the silver lining in a world of darkness. He is my light.”

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

It’s been a long time since I finished by Legend by Marie Lu and I finally got around to reading Prodigy, the sequel. After a lot of thinking, I realized that Prodigy really stepped up and impressed me more than Legend did, which is exactly what you want from a sequel. This book made me cry, made me swoon, and surprised me. I decided to give it 4 stars, but it is definitely on the verge of a 4.5.

The biggest problem I had with Prodigy was the love triangle/square. I don’t actually know what it’s considered, but I disliked it. I absolutely adore the relationship between June and Day and it’s obvious that the two of them were meant for each other. However, Marie Lu couldn’t just let them have some normal relationship up and downs, but instead had to give each of them a potential love interest. I hated reading every minute of the scenes where Anden and June were either kissing or getting close, and the same goes with Tess and Day. It also rubs me the wrong way that a couple of months ago, Day considered Tess a sister and now they are attracted to each other. I don’t hate Anden (I genuinely enjoyed his character separate from his relationship with June), but I hated that he was one of the factors that pushed Day and June apart.

Marie Lu created an incredibly interesting and complex dystopian world. I love that this isn’t a simple good vs. evil where the Republic is evil and the Colonies are good. Day, along with the rest of the readers, learn that the Colonies aren’t all they are cracked up to be and is just as bad as the Republic. Also, once Anden became the new Elector (to be honest, he gave me bad vibes at first), he truly seemed like he wanted to change the Republic for the better. By the end, Day realized that he no longer wanted to destroy the Republic, but instead work with them to make the Republic a more fair and safer place to live.

Prodigy had some amazing moments that I didn’t expect. The first one I can think of is when we learn the truth about Metias and Thomas and the complexity of their relationship. I genuinely did not see it comping and was extremely surprised when we learned about the depth of their feelings for each other and it was fascinating to see it unfold through June’s eyes. Even though I was always skeptical of Razor and his true motives, but I never expected the senators of the Republic to betray their Elector. Kaede’s death took me completely by surprise and it made me realize how much more I cared for her character than I thought I did. I never really thought too much of her and was even annoyed with her at times, but her death came so unexpectedly and I wish she had survived. Finally, the moment when we learned about Day’s condition and how he was close to death, was unbelievable. I was shocked and still worried about what will happen to him.

Speaking of Day’s condition… I wanted to punch him when he lied to June. I love Day with all of my heart, but I cannot believe that he didn’t tell her the truth behind their breakup. If anyone deserves to know, it is June. Man, did that ending hurt, but the last line was beautiful and is probably one of my new favorite book quotes.

Even though the ending was hard to read, there were some great moments between Day and June (even though they spent some of the novel upset with each other). One of my favorite parts of Prodigy was when Day gave June the paperclip ring he made her because people who lived in the poorer sections would handmake something and give it to the person they love. I especially loved it when Day told June that he was in love with her. I adore their relationship.

Overall, Prodigy stepped up its game compared to Legend. This dystopian series is incredibly well written and involves complex characters and story-lines. I’m super excited to read Champion and I am so glad that Marie Lu wrote another book in this series so I won’t have to put this series down as soon as I thought I would.

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