Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare

“The trousers and jacket do not make me a man, and the necklace does not make me a woman. They are only what makes me feel beautiful and powerful in this moment. I am exactly as I choose to be.”

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

Once I learned that Ghosts of the Shadow Market was primarily from Brother Zachariah’s (aka Jem or the best character in the Shadowhunter Chronicles) point of view, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. Jem Carstairs has my entire heart and Cassandra Clare gave me exactly what I wanted. I had to give Ghosts of the Shadow Market 5 stars as it is, by far, my favorite bind-up of novellas in the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that I wasn’t too big of a fan of the story with Sister Emilia and Brother Zachariah. It was okay until I got to the part where Jem and Will are together in Shanghai. That was one of the best scenes in the whole book because it made me so happy to see that Jem is able to be his old self with Will for the last time. Jem was even able to take Will somewhere he always dreamed they would be able to go together. It made me incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

Cassandra Clare clearly made Anna Lightwood and Matthew Fairchild the main character in the first two stories to get us to read the next series and it 100% worked. Learning about these two characters was fascinating, especially the story with Anna. Even though Matthew made a mistake with terrible consequences, I feel so bad for him. Even Anna is going through her own thing, which I empathize with and want to know how it impacts her life. One of the most heartwarming scenes in the book was when Cecily and Gabriel gave her the suit after Cecily told Anna she knew about Anna being gender-queer.

I really love this book, but there were still some scenes that absolutely broke my heart. The most heartbreaking scene when Brother Zachariah and Tessa were talking about Will a few years after his death. I may have cried while reading it. Some honorable mentions are when Jem told Alec that he isn’t a Shadowhunter anymore because he doesn’t want to fight without Will and when he said he had the initials W.H. on his staff so it was like he was fighting with Will. There are so many other scenes, but these were the worst.

Even though there were a bunch of depressing scenes, there were enough scenes that made me so happy to read to balance it out. Some of the best scenes were when Matthew reminded us about James and his spoon, Kit taking care of Mina in the middle of the night, literally anything Max did, anytime Jem and Tessa had a conversation, and James picking out books for Anna. My favorite would have to be Jem’s speech to Kit in the very end, though.

The last comment I have about this book is how often Jem says that he is bad with words…then says the most beautiful thing 2 minutes later.

Overall, Ghosts of the Shadow Market was an amazing read and I can’t wait for Chain of Gold to come in the mail. Also, I can’t believe that I have to wait at least 3 years to read about Janus and whatever he is going to do in The Wicked Powers.

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