Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.” (The Lightning Thief)

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

After reading the first two books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, I realized that I didn’t have enough to say about one book to write an entire post. That is when I decided to wait and finish the entire series, then create a blog post about it all. It took me a very long time to pick this series up and I wish I picked it up sooner! I fell in love with Percy Jackson and the world and I gave the entire series 5 stars.

The first thing I want to talk about is the amazing characters. Rick Riordan wrote some amazing animals that I immediately came to love. Ophiotaurus, Blackjack, and Mrs. O’ Leary were adorable characters and I am so glad nothing bad happened to them. Also, I’ve loved Tyson ever since we first met him in The Sea of Monsters. I adore how much he loves Percy and what he calls sheep and centaurs. My favorite scene of Tyson is when he apologizes to Percy for calling Poseidon names because Poseidon brought him to Percy. Percy was such a great main character as he was interesting, brave, witty, and a great hero. Niko was the other character I came to care fora lot because I had so much sympathy for him and he had great development throughout the series. Annabeth, Grover, Poseidon, Rachel, Apollo, and more were all characters I found phenomenal and I quickly became attached to them,

I wanted to dedicate an entire section to Luke’s character and its development. I love redemption arcs and I’m so glad Rick Riordan gave him one. I was always interested in him since Annabeth always held on to hope that there was still something redeemable about him. We finally learn about his past and see why he did what he did, which was so good to see. He sacrificed himself for the good side at the end. His conclusion was satisfying and I’m glad he finally understood why his dad treated him the way he did. Boy, was he an amazing villian.

I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians is my favorite series I’ve read that deals with it. It dealt with so many different creatures and Gods and it taught me more about Greek mythology. I was always fascinated when we met new Gods and saw who they are/how they acted.

I know that the fandom isn’t a big fan of Rachel since she kept Annabeth and Percy apart, but I liked her and loved the way her story ended. She became the Oracle and I didn’t see it coming at all. I’m so glad she didn’t have a cliche ending and was able to fulfill her life’s purpose. I also appreciated that Thalia joined Artemis and her huntresses and was able to follow a unique, yet perfect ending for her, just like Rachel.

The ending of this series was brilliant. I’m glad that Percy was capable of changing the way the Gods treat their children and lesser Gods (plus he fulfilled Ethan’s last wish, which was really nice). Grover was finally respected by other satyrs and Percy and Annabeth finally got together. Annabeth is finally able to be what she always wanted to be, an architect, and even Nico is getting the respect he deserves. A lot of things were wrapped up, but it also stated the prophecy for the next series. It was a perfect setup for Rick Riordan’s future books.

Overall, Percy Jackson and the Olympians was an amazing series that I added to my favorites list. I am very excited to continue with the books in this world and see who fulfills the next prophecy and how it all goes down. My final note for this series is how great of a job Rick Riordan did creating a series that is dark, yet humorous and witty.

4 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

  1. Great review! I’ve seen the two movies and, although they tanked and fans of the series seem to hate them, I really liked them. I may have to read the series after reading this review.

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