Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

“When terrible things have happened to you, sometimes the promise of something good can be just as frightening.” 

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

A few months ago, I read a book by Margaret Rogerson, An Enchantment of Ravens, because it was being compared to one of my all-time favorite series (A Court of Thorns and Roses). Since I compared a book I love to another book, I was much more disappointed with it. I gave it 3 stars at first since it was an average book but eventually lowered it to 2 stars because it was forgettable. Sadly, I found that I had the same problem with Sorcery of Thorns and gave it 2 stars as well.

The part of this book that I actually liked was the characters. Silas was such an interesting character that had a lot of depth to him. He was a demon, so he should be evil and not capable of love (not romantically). However, he sacrificed himself for Nathaniel without Nathaniel having to order him to do so and was even able to fight and win against his evil side for Nathaniel and Elisabeth. I am fascinated by characters like Nathaniel. He is so compassionate that he pushed others away to protect them. The more we saw of him, the more we saw his true color begins to show and we see the real him. Even Elisabeth was a great character. She was resilient, witty, clever, and passionate about what she does. Elisabeth is everything I love in fictional characters. These remarkable characters were able to keep this book from being a complete flop.

My favorite trope in YA books is the enemies-to-lovers storyline and when I heard that this book had the trope, I got excited. I got my hopes up. They were enemies for only about 80 pages and it barely felt like an enemies-to-lovers story. I was hoping for a slow-burn romance where it took a while for them to see each other for who they are. I didn’t get it in this book.

Sometimes when I’m starting a new story, I don’t pick up a lot of information in the beginning. This doesn’t automatically make me dislike a book because normally I can pick up details about the magic system/world throughout this story. However, I was barely able to pick up anything about the way magic works and the library after the first 60 pages. It is mainly my fault, but since it affected the rest of my reading experience and I was confused about a lot of it.

Like I said before, I missed a good amount of information we learned in the first 60 pages, which means I missed some information on the world. I do blame myself a little bit for not being able to imagine and fully comprehend this world. I do think, though, that world-building shouldn’t stop after the first couple of chapters. I barely learned anything about the world, which made it hard to imagine what the world looks like and understand it. It impacted my reading and it hindered my experience.

Overall, Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson was a mediocre book and I truly believe that I will forget almost everything about this book in a month. I know myself well enough to know that I am going to forget the names of the characters just like I did with An Enchantment of Ravens. I think it is time to stop reading books by Margaret Rogerson.

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