Legend by Marie Lu

“If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system. That’s much more powerful than rebelling outside the system.”

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

Ever since I read A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, I have been in the mood for a dystopian book and I decided to pick up Legend by Marie Lu. It was a great world to get into and it deserved 4 stars. It wasn’t what I expected, but that isn’t a bad thing as I thought Legend was a great beginning to a new series.

Starting with the few complaints I have with this book…

First, the fact that Day wasn’t the one who murdered Metias was predictable. When the synopsis called Day the “prime suspect,” I assumed that he wasn’t the murderer. It wasn’t much of a surprise when we learned he didn’t do it and the true killers are Thomas and Commander Jameson.

There were also a few parts of this book that weren’t completely clear. For example, how did Day escape the so-called labor camps? The difference in the colonies and how they were formed went completely over my head and so did the fact that the Republic used to be the US. It was inserted in and never expanded upon. Why would they hide it? I didn’t get too caught up on these details because I have hope that they will be explained in later books.

Besides those two things, I had a great time reading this book. Time to move on to what I loved…

I thought that the pacing of this book was fantastic. I was worried that a lot of this book would be spent on Day and June working together while not knowing who the other was. I hated that Renegades by Marissa Meyer spent most of the series with Adrian not knowing who Nova actually was and I was worried Legend would do something similar. Thankfully, they spent enough time together for their relationship grow and seem real, but not enough to bore me. The time Day spent in prison wasn’t drawn out or rushed. Overall, the book was a perfect length and never felt too long or short.

Marie Lu also wrote great characters in Legend. We may have not spent too much time with Day’s family, but I became attached to them anyways. Day’s mom’s death really got to me and made me extremely upset. Commander Jameson didn’t even give Day a warning before she shot his mom in the head. I had a feeling that John was going to die (especially after the flashback), but I held on to hope. He sacrificed himself for his brother, so I can’t be mad, but it hurt to read. Poor Eden didn’t deserve what the Republic did to him and I’m hoping that things turn around for him in the next book. Tess was a great partner for Day and I felt so bad for her because of her past. I’m hoping that we see more of her in the sequel.

Day and June were amazing protagonists. June was strong despite everything she has gone through and was extremely resilient, which I admired. Even though she was the prized prodigy, she saw things as they were instead of how the Republic made them seem and fought for what was right. Day was so precious, despite being a wanted criminal. He did everything for his family and fought back when there didn’t seem to be a chance. I loved him and the way he treated others, like Tess and June when she was just a stranger to him.

Even though parts of the book were predictable, I still found it interesting. I loved the plot line with Metias, his blog, and the parents. I didn’t see their parent’s death being staged coming nor did I see the plague being intentional coming. I loved the storyline of Day getting a perfect score in the Trials and I really want to know why they would do it. I’ve never read a dystopian dealing with these issues and I want to see what happens next with them.

All in all, Legend by Marie Lu was a great dystopian book and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Sadly, I have a bunch of other books to read before I’m letting myself buy the rest of the series, but I can’t wait until I finally get my hands on them.

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