Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia

“Losing him made me realize that we can’t control everything that happens in life. The universe has its own plans and we don’t get a vote.”

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia has been on my to-read list for almost a year and I wish I read it sooner! It was an amazing romance that felt real and dealt with serious topics (TW: domestic violence). I gave it four stars as this book exceeded my expectations.

Starting with the reason why this book didn’t get 5 stars. Kami Garcia added so many unnecessary descriptions. In the first chapter, when Peyton was looking for her cleats under her bed, I was told every single thing that was underneath her bed (like a Luna Bar among other things). It was weird and felt forced. There was another time when Kami Garcia described the soccer ball as a neon-green Umbra ball. It added nothing to the story and I wish it was cut. These two times were only the two that I remembered as there were a lot of other times this happened.

The other thing I had a problem with was the epilogue. I loved how the book ended in general (more on that later), but there were a few questions I had at the very end that the epilogue didn’t answer. For example, is Peyton still living in Tennessee with her uncle and what happened with Tessa and her family? I wish it was a little more clear, but the ending, as a whole, was great.

Speaking of the ending, I loved it! I was glad that everything didn’t end perfectly, which made it feel much more realistic. This whole book, Peyton expects to recover her injury in 5 months so she can still play soccer in her spring season so she can go to UNC in the fall. However, in the epilogue, the reader learns that she is deferring a year and isn’t perfectly healed yet. She will eventually be clear, but it would have seemed a little too easy to be cured that quickly. Also, once we learned that Owen had a fatal condition, I was worried he would die at the end even when there was something that could be put on his heart to cure him and he wouldn’t do it. I was so glad that he got the help he needed so he didn’t have his heart problems anymore. The ending was extremely satisfying and wrapped the story up nicely.

Another thing that I adored about this book was the characters. Peyton was such an amazing main character. She was strong and admirable after what she went through with her boyfriend. She wasn’t perfect, which made her realistic, but she spoke her mind and didn’t let anyone ignore her. She also had amazing character development. Additionally, Owen was a great love interest. He was never controlling or possessive and was always supportive of her. He protected her, but never got overly jealous. Also, I enjoyed all of the other side characters as well. Peyton’s cousins and Grace were great additions to the story.

Kami Garcia handled the topic of domestic violence extremely well and even educated the readers on why people don’t speak up all the time. Reading about Kami Garcia’s story was inspiring as was reading about Peyton and how well she dealt with it.

Overall, Broken Beautiful Hearts was a great romantic contemporary and it made me want to read more from this genre. I recommend this book if you like this genre too!

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