Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud

“It’s the shining real world example of our resilience and determination as a people. And its right here at my fingertips. I feel like I found a pot of gold.

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

I love royal romances and had such high hopes for this one. Truly Madly Royally, however, didn’t live up to what I thought it would be. I didn’t hate reading this, but I mostly continued to read this just to get it off my TBR. In the end, I decided to give it 2 stars.

My major problem with this story was the characters. Most of them didn’t feel real enough and I didn’t have an emotional connection with any of them. Owen (I’m currently writing this a few hours after I finished the book and I had to look up his name…) seemed too perfect, had no flaws, and lacked any depth. All of the side characters were surface level and we never learned anything about them. The one side character that I found interesting was Zach and his past with the mom, but that was never explored. Even the relationship between Zora and her dad was never fully explored. Zora and her mom felt a certain way about the dad, but there was never a full explanation for why.

The only character that felt real was Zora. She had her flaws and had a personality; however, I didn’t like her. I admired how she created a program and helped others, but besides that, I didn’t love her character. I can’t use my personal experiences to compare, but it seemed like she severely overreacted when the men showed up at her house for Owen’s phone. Owen didn’t know that they ere going to do it, but Zora ignored him for days. That was one of the many times she blows the situation out of proportion. Also, Zora stereotyped all of the kids from her school after only meeting a few privileged kids. She assumed all kids were like that and judged them before even talking to them. It’s hard to like a book when you barely care about the main character, but at least she had more depth than any of the other characters.

The main plot of the story was Owen needing a date to the royal wedding, but that was another thing that was barely explored. I thought it would take up a much larger space in the book, but it ended up only being about 20 pages. I thought there would be more drama surrounding it, but instead, it was kind of plain. Overall, the book had barely any drama. There were a few times where Zora overreacted, but besides that, nothing happened. For the most part, it felt like two pretty perfect people spending time with each other and nothing else.

The one thing I enjoyed about the story was the University where most of the story takes place. I loved the University and the library. Since there was barely any time spent at the palace (wherever Owen comes from…once again, I don’t remember), the University (especially the library) felt like a palace.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book. If I don’t like any of the characters, there is no way I will end up enjoying this story. It was a short and cheesy contemporary, which isn’t my type. I wanted to like Truly Madly Royally more than I did and I’m upset that it was a 2 star read.

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