The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

“Even in the night, you are still my sun, bringing light to my world.”

*Warning* Spoilers ahead

I’ve read everything Kiera Cass has written and loved it all, so I expected The Betrothed to be a 5 star read. I’ve been looking forward to the release of this book since October of last year when the cover was revealed and honestly, this was a little bit of a disappointment. I didn’t hate the book as I gave it 3 stars, but I expected so much more from it. I thought it would rival my love for The Selection series, but it didn’t come close. 

Starting with the problems that I found with this book...

Silas and Hollis’s relationship went way too fast for me. I knew that I would have a problem with this due to the reviews I’ve read before going into the book. They basically fell in love with each other when they first met and he said the quote at the top to her on their (about) fifth encounter. I like Hollis and Silas individually and I’m really glad Hollis chose Silas over Jameson, but the pace of the relationship went a little too fast for me. 

One minor thing that bothered me is that we were never told the age of the characters. It is a minor complaint, but one of the things that I love the most about reading is feeling like I’m transported into the world. Not know any of the ages made it hard to imagine what the characters looked like and feel like I’m a part of the story.

Also, most of the characters in this book didn’t have much of a personality. The ones that mostly felt flat were Delia Grace, Nora, and Jameson. Delia Grace’s entire personality was that she is a scandal and is a bad friend (more on that later). I knew absolutely nothing about Nora except that she used to tease Delia Grace because of the scandal. I know that for most of the book Delia Grace and Nora were Hollis’s ladies in waiting, but America’s maids had personalities in The Selection. Even Jameson, one of the love interests and king, was a boring character. Besides finding Hollis entertaining what else did we learn about him? Nothing. Wait, we also learned that he thinks he is far superior to Hollis, someone who should be his equal.

Delia Grace is an awful friend and I still don’t understand how Hollis never slapped her. Even before you learn what she was hiding from Hollis, I still didn’t like her. In any any opportunity that she had, she would bring up the fact that Hollis isn’t good student. Someone who continuously mocks their friend by bringing up their faults is an awful friend. Then, Delia Grace made Hollis feel bad for having Nora join their small circle. She kept putting Hollis down and I got tired of reading about it. Don’t even get me started on what Delia Grace was hiding from her and how she treated Hollis after it all went down. Especially the letter. She continued to make Hollis feel bad about herself and made her feel guilty, when Hollis was doing the right thing.

Moving on to the parts that I enjoyed about The Betrothed...

Even though I had some negative things to say about this book, it was always entertaining. There was never a part where I wanted the book to be over or I was bored. When I finished the book, I was upset and I am now waiting for the second one to come out. It wasn’t my favorite Kiera Cass book, but I had fun while reading it and don’t regret it. 

Just like the rest of Kiera Cass’s leading characters, I loved Hollis. Kiera Cass is great at writing likable main characters who are flawed. She had a personality, unlike some other characters, and was a good friend, unlike Delia Grace. I also really liked Valentina and Etan (who better be the love interest in the next book or else I’m going to be so disappointed). Silas along with his brothers didn’t deserve the ending they got and were some of the only other characters that I thought weren’t one dimensional. Despite the fast pace of their relationship, I wanted them to end up with each other. I’m glad that Hollis made some sort of peace with his death and the scene at his grave was one of my favorites.

I loved the setting! I will always love any setting that takes place in a palace, and this was no exception. The palace and Coroa along with the other countries fascinated me and I hope to see more of the land in the next book. 

Finally, it made me almost cry. I was so attached to the Eastoffe’s (Silas’s family) that their deaths made me really upset.

Overall, The Betrothed may have disappointed me, but it was still entertaining and there were aspects of it that I enjoyed. Time to wait a year for the next one. I need to see how Hollis’s story ends (it better be with Hollis and Etan together or else).

2 thoughts on “The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

  1. I was looking forward to this book but there have been a lot of mixed reviews on it so far. I’m not really a fan of insta-love, especially in this genre, and was hoping that there would be more build-up between the characters romantically first. Great review, you’ve really made me think about reading this one!

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    1. Thank you! I was afraid to read it at first too because of the mixed reviews, but I still found parts of the book to enjoy. Even if you end up reading it and don’t like it, at least it was a short 300-page book! 🙂

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